The Breadbasket (of Newton)

After a hike at the Sand Creek Trail or Harvey County West Park, try lunch at The Breadbasket (219 N Main, 316-283-3811) in Newton. This humble eatery has been dishing up authentic German fare along with genuinely good soups and sandwiches since 1984. For lunch, the deliciously wide variety of soups are highly recommended. With at least eight unique choices ranging from chicken borscht, green bean & ham, to a spicy Philadelphia peppercorn you’re sure to find something that’s just right. The soups are hearty and thick with a good balance of bold flavors. To go with your soup, cut off a thick slice of fresh-baked bread from the loaves available with every meal. If you are in town for supper on Friday or Saturday, try The Breadbasket’s Low German buffet complete with authentic verenike and other old country fare.

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