Konza Prairie annual wildflower walk – Sunday, June 2

Konza Prairie wildflowers

From 6:30 to 9:00pm on Sunday, June 2, the Kansas Native Plant Society will be hosting its annual wildflower walk. Naturalists will take visitors along the Butterfly Hill Trail, which isn’t normally open to the public, and they will point out and identify the wild variety of native wildflowers that can be found in the prairie. Bring bug spray and comfortable walking shoes and, of course, your camera as you learn more about the native plants of Kansas and marvel at the vistas of the Konza Prairie (which will be highlighted in our Kansas Trails guidebook).

Cost: $10 per person. All proceeds go to Konza Environmental Education Program, whose mission is to: “enhance the understanding of the ecology of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem; increase understanding of the process and value of science; and increase public appreciation for the importance of scientific research as a foundation for sound grassland conservation and management.”

Where: Meet at Konza Prairie Biological Station, 100 Konza Prairie Lane

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