Meet some of our photographers

We were extraordinarily blessed to work with some talented photographers to help make the book as amazing as it is. You can find their work in the pages of the Kansas Trail Guide as well as on their websites – extraordinary talent and a testament to the beauty of the midwest! And many of them have prints you can order.

Screen shot from Judd Patterson's website

Screen shot from Judd Patterson‘s website

Judd Patterson

One of my favorites is the Ghost of the Plains and Spring Prairie Sunset

David Welfelt

Love his waterfall images

Scott Bean

He posts updates on his travels and has sales of photos at his blog

Marciana Vequist

Unique shot at Clinton Lake – Fire and Ice Sunset

Billie Hufford

Great storm photo

Screen shot from David Welfelt's page

Screen shot from David Welfelt’s page

Chris Harnish

Along with landscape and nature shots, he’s got some nice city and architecture images.

Amanda Botterweck

Who doesn’t love an up close butterfly photo?

Randy Van Scyoc

More so a cyclist than a photographer, but a constantly updated blog and good insight into Kansas biking along with some fun photos along the way.

And of course, thanks to our dad for a lot of his great photos too!

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