Artists needed for the otter exhibit at the Hutchinson Zoo

North American River Otter. Photo by Heather Paul

North American River Otter. Photo by Heather Paul

If you happen to be a professional mosaic artist living in Kansas, the Hutchinson Zoo is looking for you! A call has gone out to submit qualifications for the chance at designing art in the new river otter exhibit opening in 2016 at the Hutchinson Zoo. Read more about it here. Deadline is November 20, and from the website about the project:

The suggested theme of the exhibit is farmland that is being reclaimed to its native state.  This theme will provide educational opportunities for many topics related to how native ecosystems have been impacted by agriculture and development.
The artwork at the Otter Exhibit should:
• Enhance the connection of the exhibit to its surroundings.
• Serve as a backdrop within the Otter habitat.
• Be colorful and fun.
• Strengthen the visitor experience.
• Withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions, including ice, water, humidity and sunlight.

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