Where to see bald eagles in Kansas – 2019


Bald eagle pair in Kansas. Photo by Bo Rader.

The return of the bald eagle has been a remarkable success story.  After being pushed towards extinction, the eagle steadily recovered under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.  In Kansas, nesting eagles made a return to the state in 1989 at Clinton Reservoir and have been increasing in numbers ever since.

As the winter cold sets in, eagles push south in search of open water.  In Kansas, mid-January is typically the ideal time to search for eagles along secluded coves of major reservoirs in the eastern half of the state.

For a good hike with a chance to see bald eagles, we recommend the Eagle Ridge Trail at Milford State Park or the Chaplin Nature Center trails by the Arkansas River.  Throughout the month of January there are events throughout the state that celebrate the recovery of this iconic species. Each of the following events offer educational programs and guided viewing tours for the public.

January 5th: The first opportunity for guided eagle viewing is at Tuttle Creek Reservoir with a program and vehicle tour starting at the Manhattan Fire Station (Kimball & Denison Ave) from 9:00 – 12:30.

January 23rd: Kaw Valley Eagles day celebrates the natural history and recovery of the bald eagle in Kansas with a family-friendly event at Billy Mills Middle School in Lawrence from 8:30 – 4:00. There will be presentations, activities for the kids and viewing expeditions.

January 26th: Eagle Days at Milford Lake. The nature center at Milford Lake hosts an annual eagle day event that includes programs and guided bus tours running from 9:00 – 4:00 to view eagles along the lake. Admission to the state park is free for the event and there’s also hot chocolate and popcorn for all!

January 26th: Chaplin Nature Center will offer a short educational program and guided hike along the nature center trails to view eagles along the Arkansas River.  Meet at the visitors center at 10:00 to join the fun.

6 thoughts on “Where to see bald eagles in Kansas – 2019

  1. i saw a female yesterday off of dg rd 460 south of eudora. i have seen her and her larger mate several times over the last 12 months and watched them raising the eaglets locally last spring, obviously from a distance with binoculars. a month or so ago i saw them feeding on a spike buck deer that had a broken leg early in the morning just after dawn. i keep a look out for them as i enjoy seeing them. they are not on the nest yet. just hunting locally.

  2. We have a beautiful tree top view facing east over bottom land surrounded by South Pottwatomie creek north of Greeley KS. I have spotted a bald eagle coasting along the thermals several times this spring. On this past Saturday, March 23 I saw “her” twice. The second time, as she was flying south she was being vehemently warned off by local red tail hawks! She flew down into a break between land ridges just south of our property. Fingers crossed this is not just a young bird migrating! We were blessed in past when we got to see them anytime we drove past the water inlet on the Kaw River in KC KS.

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