“Float Your Boat” – Cardboard boat races today at Milford Lake

From the 2009 race

From the 2009 race

If you’re around Milford Lake at all today (Saturday, August 17), if you head down to the south boat ramp, you’ll be able to check out the cardboard boat races. From noon to 4pm, you can watch (or participate!) in the “Float Your Boat” race where participants ride in boats made entirely from cardboard and duct tape. If you want to whip up your own creation that can hold two people, there are cash prizes available!

Kansas by numbers

8 feet – the height grasses can reach in the tallgrass prairie

Author Jonathan Conard with his daughter.

Author Jonathan Conard with his daughter at the highest point in Kansas

11 physiographic regions

14 mph average wind speed in Dodge City, Kansas’ windiest city

24 state parks

24 endangered species

65 feet – the depth of Milford Lake, the state’s largest lake

300 bison (approximately) in the herd on the Konza Prairie

467 recorded bird species

680 feet above sea level – Verdigris River, the lowest point in the state

4,039 feet above sea level – the height of Mount Sunflower, the highest point inĀ  the state