Kansas Trail Guide book set for early 2015 release

Those who know the 100+ miles of trail in Kansas have discovered first hand that despite the stereotypes of the state as nothing-to-see flatland, Kansas in fact has some world-class scenery and great trails through the rolling countryside for those on foot, on a bike, and on horseback. From urban trails through historic Kansas City, to singletrack mountain bike paths along the Blue River in Manhattan, to the 117 mile Flint Hills Trail, this book will feature the best of the Kansas trail system.

To be published through University of Kansas Press, our Kansas Trail Guide will include detailed descriptions of trails across Kansas by geographical area, including GPS information, how to get to the trailheads, where to park, which trails are open for cyclists, hikers, and/or horseback riders, suggestions for nearby outfitters and restaurants, and for the long distance trails or as applicable for the shorter trails, the best options for camp sites nearby and along the way.

2 thoughts on “Kansas Trail Guide book set for early 2015 release

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