Favorite hiking and biking trails around Salina

Salina, Kansas is hosting their annual Smoky Hill River Festival this weekend.  Bonus – along with the art, culture, and food of the festival, the city has some fun trails. Here are our favorites, some of which will be featured in our book.

For a view

Hike up to the top of Indian Rock. Along the Smoky Hill River, the park was named for its location as a Native American battle. The bluff is one of the city’s highest points, and the trails wind through wooded areas and open prairie with more moderate hiking than the surrounding plains.  Watch out for flying frisbees – the park is popular with disc golfers.

For a long(er) workout

Walk, run, or bike from the north end of Bill Burke Park up to the flood control levee south to Magnolia Street and back – round trip 6.2 miles of mostly flat, wide trail.

For families

Lakewood Park has a total of 2.25 miles of easy to walk trail, including a 13 station interpretive nature trail, a butterfly garden, and lots of birds.

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