The Dirty Kanza is on: 1 day, 200 miles

As I write this, 950 cyclists are tearing up the gravel along this year’s Dirty Kanza course. It’s in its 10th year, and the infamous gravel race has had finish rates as high as 70% and as low as 17%.logo_1423062671

200 miles through the Flint Hills where part of the challenge is not just the physical effort but also the mental fortitude to hold up out in the vast prairie, where you can feel completely isolated.

With the recent rains, it’s going to be a muddy ride. It started at 6am and the winner’s estimated to cross the finish line around 4pm with the last finishers around 2 am – some may abandon the race or get pulled off for not maintaining a strong enough pace.

If you want to watch the finish at the Granada Theater in Emporia, here’s a link to the live feed

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