The delicious and the disgusting at the State Fair

There’s nothing quite like fair food. Deep fried or slathered in sugar or doused in sauce or on a stick or sometimes all of the above. There’s even a new competition this year at the Kansas State Fair – best food on a stick. Will your favorite treat get the prize? Results will be in in a week.

Photo by churl han

Photo by churl han

Classics (and our personal favorites – we’re state fair purists) include giant turkey legs, funnel cakes, chicken and noodles, and Pronto pups. I’m scared to see the size of the turkey that results in a turkey leg that’s as big as my face, but it sure is tasty.

Other “delicacies” that make the cut for worth trying and have been around for a few years – deep fried peaches and twisted potatoes.

We tried the “moo-ink” which, as I recall (I may have blocked the memory from my mind) was a bacon wrapped meatball covered in barbecue sauce and served on a stick. I remember it being…too much. Fried Oreos – the Oreo is so delicious on its own, why would you degrade it by dunking it in oil? Deep fried cheesecake? Same question.

Some newcomers to the Kansas fair food scene this year include deep fried Nutella, deep fried Jello (tried to get it last year, but they’d sold out), and chicken rolled in Frosted Flakes and fried (oh, and it’s on a stick).

There will also be toasted ravioli, which sounds amazing, and homemade sodas.

What’s your favorite fair food? Let us know in the comments!

Favorite fair foods: Funnel cakes

The Kansas State Fair is in full swing and we’re hard at work getting the book ready as well as information on the Hutchinson area’s best hikes, so just a quick update on one of the highlights of the fair – the food!

English: A funnel cake covered in powdered sugar.

A funnel cake in powdered sugar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of you who love the sweet, fried taste of funnel cake, there are at least five locations at the 2013 Kansas State Fair where you can get a funnel cake.

Varieties this year include Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Dutch Apple Pie, Maple Bacon, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, and Turtle–not to mention a Funnel Cake Sundae.

Kansas State Fair Turns 100!

2013 is the 100th year of the Kansas State Fair. This year’s extravaganza takes place from September 6 – 15. The mission of the fair is:¬†“To promote and showcase Kansas agriculture, industry and culture, to create opportunity for commercial activity, and to provide an educational and entertaining experience that is the pride of all Kansans.” We’re hoping that in 2014, we’ll be a part of the fair activities with more detailed information on the book and (hopefully) the chance to preorder, and by 2015, you’ll be able to leave the fair with a copy of our book in hand!

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism will have an aquarium exhibit at the fair, north of the expo center near gate 9. The 400-foot long aquarium will be stocked with fish from around Kansas.

Along with carnival rides, arts & crafts, and livestock, the fair always has an amazing selection of fried foods (cookie dough, peaches, Kool-Aid – all can be deep fried). Let us know in the comments what your favorite fair foods are!

To help you get in the spirit, here are some photos from fairs past. All photos by Mark Conard.

Favorite fair food? Let us know in the comments below! Me? I’m partial to the classics: turkey leg and funnel cake.